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Building Vibrant, Healthy Communities: The Arnold Development Group Blueprint

Harnessing Walkability, Mixed-Use Development, and Green Spaces for Urban Revitalization

Creating vibrant, healthy communities is no longer an option but a necessity. Today, as city dwellers yearn for accessible, sustainable, and inclusive neighborhoods, the question isn't why, but how?

At Arnold Development Group (ADG), we believe the answer lies in holistic urban planning that prioritizes walkability, mixed-use development, and green spaces. Here, we delve into our methodology and discuss the Historic Northeast Market District, an upcoming project that embodies our commitment to creating vibrant communities for all.

Arnold Development Group's Blueprint:

Our community development strategy is anchored in eight key pillars, all focused on delivering sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant communities.

  1. Affordable and Market-Rate Housing: We're committed to providing a range of housing options. Our Historic Northeast Market District project will feature 499 affordable and workforce housing units alongside 88 market-rate units, fostering economic diversity within the community.

  2. Childcare Facilities: Understanding the critical role of childcare, we incorporate facilities like our planned 30,000 square foot daycare and afterschool center in the Historic Northeast Market District, enhancing the quality of life for families.

  3. Cultural and Culinary Diversity: We celebrate and uplift the community's cultural heritage. With 45,000 square feet of restaurant space in the Historic Northeast, we'll offer opportunities to locally owned businesses that represent the area's diverse culinary traditions.

  4. Retail and Health Services: Our developments prioritize local businesses and necessary amenities. In the Historic Northeast, 15,000 square feet of retail space will house facilities such as a healthcare clinic and a fitness center.

  5. Local and Sustainable Food Options: We value local and sustainable food options. A farmers’ market in the Historic Northeast will support local farmers, promote healthy lifestyles, and foster community connections.

  6. Green Spaces: We emphasize the importance of green spaces. Our Historic Northeast project will feature rooftop gardens, providing an urban oasis and contributing to energy efficiency.

  7. Community Greenspace: Our developments incorporate community greenspaces, offering residents opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and social interaction.

  8. Transit-Oriented Development: Our projects prioritize accessible transportation, reducing reliance on private vehicles, and promoting sustainable modes of transportation

Revitalizing the Historic Northeast Market District:

Our vision for the Historic Northeast Market District is driven by social, environmental, and financial objectives. We're committed to revitalizing the area economically, preserving affordable housing, creating a vibrant pedestrian-oriented hub, and implementing sustainable design principles.

  • Economic Revitalization: The Historic Northeast has faced disinvestment and diminished economic opportunities. We aim to reverse this trend by creating a vibrant mixed-use development, generating new employment opportunities, and supporting local businesses.

  • Affordable Housing Preservation: As downtown Kansas City's rental prices rise, affordable housing is increasingly essential. Our project seeks to provide housing for families within the 30% to 80% Area Median Income (AMI) range, preserving the rights and housing security of existing residents.

  • Pedestrian-Oriented Community Hub: Beyond developing buildings, we envision a bustling town center where residents can gather, interact, and access a range of amenities. We aim to foster a sense of community, social interaction, and overall well-being.

  • Sustainable Design and Carbon Reduction: We commit to sustainable development practices and environmental responsibility. By reusing existing structures and incorporating best practices in sustainable design, we aim to significantly reduce embodied energy and carbon emissions.


The Historic Northeast Market District represents our dedication to creating thriving, inclusive, and sustainable neighborhoods. By fusing financial viability with social and environmental considerations, we pave the way for a community-centric model of urban development that prioritizes diversity, accessibility, and sustainability. The project underscores our belief that responsible real estate development should not only seek profitability but also positively impact the community and the environment. In crafting a neighborhood that balances the needs of residents, businesses, and the environment, we strive to leave a lasting, positive legacy. This commitment showcases Arnold Development Group's blueprint for vibrant, healthy communities, offering a transformative vision for urban living in the 21st century.


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