Arnold Development is full service real estate investment firm specializing in mixed-use urban infill developments that generate triple bottom line returns.

Full Service Real Estate Development Company

Investing in Walkable Places

The demand for our developments is fueled by the 10,000 Baby Boomers who turn 65 each day and their children, the Millennial Generation, who are now entering the housing market. Neither of whom want to live in the suburbs, dependent on the automobile for all of their transportation needs. This increase in demand for housing in walkable neighborhoods will create a pent up demand by 2020 for more than 40 million housing units in walkable places.

Changes in Housing Preferences in the United States

Prudent Investments

Our developments incorporate the best practices in green building, city planning, and real estate finance. As a certified benefit corporation (B Corp), we measures our success across a triple bottom line (“TBL”). Our conservative, low leverage in relation to improved value, investments have historically out performed many higher leverage peers.

The ADG Model for Building Sustainable Cities

Developed over the past 20 years, our investment methodology allows us to cost effectively create environmentally and socially responsible real estate in walkable, smart growth locations.

Best Practices and Design Elements

We incorporate the following best practices into our developments.

Human Scaled Design

Human Scaled Design

Use design to make the buildings human scaled, yet have enough density to support service retail and transit, which is about 75 units per acre.

Concrete Buildings

200+ Year Buildings

We build our structures out of concrete, which allows the buildings to adapt to different uses over time, and when well maintained will last for hundreds of years!

Super Insulated Envelopes

Passive House Certified

Whenever possible, we build to meet the Passive House standard for energy efficiency, which results in an 80% reduction in primary energy use over current building codes.

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Roof Top Gardens

Utilize rooftops and courtyards for gardens and urban agriculture, allowing residents to live in the city and have a garden where they can get their hands dirty!

Transit Oriented

Transit Oriented Sites

All of our developments are located in transit oriented locations or in the heart of walkable town centers where the majority of destinations can be reached by rail, bus, bike or foot.

Onsite Fitness

Onsite Fitness Classes

Staying fit is easy with our onsite fitness classes. These flexible spaces within the common areas of our buildings are also used for concerts or other events.

Resort Style Living

Resort Style Living

Living in our communities is like living at a resort, where you spend less time maintaining your home, leaving more time to relax, read a book or gather with friends.

Community Gardens

Community Gardens

We preserve space on our sites for community gardens, dog parks or playgrounds. These spaces help build stronger, more resilient communities.

Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing

By reserving 20% of our units for workforce housing, we avoid gentrification and lower the risk profile of our projects by expanding the size of our market.

Impact and TBL Returns – “Doing well by doing good.”

We measure our success across a triple bottom line (TBL) of People, Planet and Profit.


  • Market Rate Returns

  • Stable Annual Dividends

  • Low Leverage Investments

  • Lower Operating Expenses

  • Higher Occupancy Rates


  • 20% Workforce Housing

  • 80% Market Rate Units

  • Access to Rooftop Gardens

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Better Sound Attenuation


  • 85% Reduction in Energy Use

  • Reduction in GHG Emissions

  • Less Storm Water Runoff

  • Locally Sourced Materials

  • Onsite Solar Energy

Experience: $6 Billion and Counting

With a background in architecture and real estate finance, Jonathan Arnold launched ADG in 1998 with a sole focus of creating pedestrian friendly places to work, live, learn and play. The firm has successfully worked with communities and joint venture partners to design, entitle, market and manage more than $6 billion in smart growth real estate.

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