• Creating Vibrant Urban Neighborhoods

    The Arnold Development Group develops sustainable mixed-use properties that offer residents and businesses a vibrant urban lifestyle.

  • Meeting the Demands of Boomers and Gen-Y

    The Baby Boomers and Generation Y (their children) make up roughly half of the American population. Both express walkable neighborhoods with commercial infrastructure and convenient transportation options as being a primary factor when deciding where to live.

  • Building Integrated Distributed Power

    Our mixed-use development in Maine will export 2x as much renewable energy as it consumes. The energy is generated by a combination of roof top solar panels and a 500kw hydro facility located on the lower level.

Sustainable Design and Development

We design and develop urban neighborhoods that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. Click to learn more about the changes in our demographics and housing preferences that guide our development strategy.

Clean Energy and Distributed Power

Our building integrated renewable energy improves the economics of our projects, and greatly reduces the carbon footprints of the neighborhoods we create. Our adaptive re-use project in Maine will create 2 times the renewable energy it consumes.

Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture

We believe cities should be green, literally. Community gardens build strong bonds between neighbors and improves the quality of urban neighborhoods. We strive to integrate urban agriculture into all of our projects.